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3 Dangers of Taking Medications Incorrectly


Our doctors prescribe medications to cure illnesses or alleviate its symptoms. Nonetheless, if we use these medications incorrectly, there may be unpleasant consequences.

Do you know that the elderly are most likely to take medications the wrong way? Since various factors like blurry vision and memory gaps add to the risk of taking medications improperly, providers of care management services for seniors consider the elderly residents’ medication needs when choosing the best health care option for them.

These are the dangers of taking drugs the wrong way which Marie’s Eldercare Placement & Consulting, Inc. wants to avoid:

Addiction or drug dependency

Most medications are addictive, and when these are misused, the possibility of addiction rises exponentially. Addiction may refer to physical dependency or psychological dependency. Physical dependency occurs when our bodies become so used to having the drug in our system, so when we stop taking the drug, we feel adverse withdrawal symptoms. Meanwhile, psychological dependency happens when taking these medications become part of our lives and we feel relaxed whenever we take them, so it gets harder for us to stop taking them.

Health problems

Medications are created to target and mend particular parts of our bodies which need repair. If we take more or less than what is prescribed by the doctor, there is a big probability that the effects will not be the same with what are expected. There is a chance that some of our organs will get damaged because of the drugs we take. Moreover, drug misuse does not only refer to taking the wrong quantity, but it can also mean taking a drug which is not what was prescribed to us. If we take a medication other than the ones prescribed by our doctors, our bodies will surely have a negative reaction to such drug.


Whenever our physicians prescribe certain drugs or whenever we purchase medications in pharmacies, we will be warned of the possible side effects of the drug we consume. Not knowing these side effects could also amount to drug misuse which can cause life-threatening accidents. For instance, some drugs can interfere with our driving, and if we fail to know that the medicine we took could have this dangerous effect, we might fall asleep while driving and meet an accident. Also, drug misuse can possibly impair our judgments and thinking skills, which could lead to different injuries.

These are just some of the things that might happen to us when we misuse our medications. So if we hire someone to facilitate Senior Care Placement for Assisted Living in MD, we should inform our consultants of whatever medications we are taking. This helps them find the most appropriate senior care options with consideration for the medications we are maintaining.


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