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6 Arguments to Convince Family Members to Choose Assisted Living Homes


When the welfare of a senior loved one is involved, always make it a family effort. Before you react, listen carefully to what others will say. Once you have weighed the possible pros and cons, it is likely that you will realize assisted living homes are extremely helpful.

Tough times require tough measures. Upon assessing that a senior citizen loved one’s stay at home is no longer manageable, be the one to make the right call. And if other members refuse to agree to get this service, here are viable arguments that may help them concede:

1. It is safer.

It is safer for patients to be in assisted living homes because more hands are working to keep them protected. In every activity that they do, there are specialized staff members who supervise. This means that each resident shall be guided accordingly.

2. Save considerably more.

Money is always a hot agenda on family talks. With any sort of expenses, it is usually agreeable to pick the cheaper alternative. Why are assisted living homes relatively more affordable? Since the patient is admitted in a shared facility, operational charges are divided. Also, the venue is not a hospital, so rates are lower.

3. 24/7 watch.

When at home, there is a constant worry on how an ailing old-timer is given round the clock support. With assisted living homes, this critical problem is solved. Caregivers will work in rotating shifts to address problems that may happen at any time of the day.

4. Wider social interactions.

In a usual set-up, assisted living homes cater to numerous yet limited numbers of residents. Since most of them are from a similar age bracket, it is easy to relate with one another. As said in a popular quote, “the more, the merrier”. By having peers around, their sociability is constantly practiced. Through these newly found connections, their risk of developing depression through isolation can be diminished.

5. Only professionals handle them.

Are you worried that incompetent staff will handle your loved ones? Do not fret. It is a requirement for caregivers and other service staff to have undergone necessary training in this line of work. They already know the ins and outs of their jobs.

6. Miscellaneous services.

Who is going to run small errands for the old-timers? It is still the staff. Most-if, not all assisted living homes do shopping, cleaning, laundry, and cooking on behalf of their patrons. Should patients wish to go outside, he or she may be accompanied by any of the staff.

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