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Don’t Get Bored, Try These Activities


People think that once we get into assisted living homes in Maryland, all of our days will be boring. They think that we will only sit or lie down the whole day, and that the only time we will stand up and mingle with others is when it is already time for our meals. But this is not true in all assisted living facilities.

With the help of Marie’s Eldercare Placement & Consulting, Inc., we look for the most compatible assisted living facilities which have various programs that will enable their residents to find more meaning in their lives and feel more motivated to live. Some of the activities the elder residents can do in these facilities are:

Fitness Programs

There is no better time to get fit than in our seventies! Since we will already feel some adverse changes in our bodies during this period, we should be more conscious of our health. Assisted living homes provide personalized fitness programs for their residents like tai chi, yoga, Wii sports and Wii dancing, as well as walking clubs. Some of these activities are done in groups, so we will also have an opportunity to meet and mingle with new friends.

Field Trips and Outdoor Excursions

Older people also need to spend time outside these assisted living centers, and the best way to do this is through visiting different places. Some facilities arrange weekly or monthly trips to museums, concerts, shows, and sport games. Outdoor excursions or picnics would also give us the chance to unwind, get some fresh air, and feel relaxed with nature.

Pet therapy

Believe it or not, there are assisted living centers that have resident pets to keep the atmosphere lively. Some assisted living centers house fish in tanks, guinea pigs, bunnies, and cats. All these pets are trained to mingle with people. Other centers which do not have resident pets also host pet shows or bring guest pets to the center regularly.


Most, if not all, assisted living facilities encourage residents to continue doing their hobbies. Those who love gardening can still help care for flowers and other plants in pots within the facility. Elders who used to love creating art and doing crafts can still finish their projects. Those who loved to cook can have cooking sessions with other residents who share the same hobby. Dance-lovers could also continue their hobby because there are assisted living facilities which hold regular dance classes.

See? We should never stereotype and think that our lives will end when we stay in an assisted living facility. Instead, if we only trust our consultant for Senior Care Placement for Assisted Living in MD, we will not have any boring days ahead. Find an assisted living facility that suits you!

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