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Helpful Things We Can Do for Bedridden Loved Ones

A lot of diseases, health conditions, and disabilities can render a person bedridden. Bedridden means not being able to accomplish most of the tasks by yourself and being confined to one’s bed most of the time. You will be dependent on all the help that you can get. A bedridden person needs full-time care and … Continue reading

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How We Can Help Our Loved Ones After They Suffered a Stroke

Do you know someone who has experienced a stroke? The stroke itself is not the issue, it’s what happens after. There are a lot of factors that will alter the usual daily living of the person who experienced a stroke. On the other hand, have you experienced taking care of somebody who had a stroke … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Senior Care

As we age, so do our vital organs. That is why seniors are more prone to kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory-related cases, infections, and many more. Aging is a natural process of our body, what happens to our organs are effects of its wear and tear. If we take care of our body while we … Continue reading

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TIPS: How to Be the Best Caregiver for Your Loved Ones

When our parents or loved ones feel already weak because of their age and medical condition, we want to make sure that we can give back and provide ultimate care for them. Elderly care is a totally different care compared to what we usually do at home. Caregivers have to be mentally ready, as well … Continue reading

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What Is Senior Care Placement?

Marie’s Eldercare Placement & Consulting, Inc. offers senior care placement for assisted living in MD. However, what is this service and how can you benefit from it? Basically, if you have an elderly loved one that could use additional support for their day-to-day lives, you will have two options: In-home care services and assisted living. … Continue reading

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