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What to Expect in an Assessment for Senior Care Placement

Before we can choose the right kind of safe haven for your senior loved ones, we make it a point to assess what’s needed first. An assessment helps us understand your loved ones’ needs, including that of your preferences since you are their guardian. You know your loved ones more than anyone else. An assessment … Continue reading

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Signs that Assisted Living Is the Most Suitable Option for Your Senior Loved One

You might have heard about assisted living facilities or homes for the elderly. Putting your parent or grandparent to such a place is a gamble. It’s a tough decision you have to make. But before you make a decision, you should be wise enough to know if assisted living is the most suitable option for … Continue reading

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“Why Assisted Living Homes?” and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolling a loved one to an assisted living home means separation and not seeing each other often. With these many challenges that risk the bond you have with your elderly family member, is getting this arrangement worth the risk? It is normal to ask questions. As a provider of Case Management Services for Seniors for … Continue reading

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6 Arguments to Convince Family Members to Choose Assisted Living Homes

When the welfare of a senior loved one is involved, always make it a family effort. Before you react, listen carefully to what others will say. Once you have weighed the possible pros and cons, it is likely that you will realize assisted living homes are extremely helpful. Tough times require tough measures. Upon assessing … Continue reading

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5 Noteworthy Factors to Keep in Mind When Looking for an Assisted Living Home

Decisions aren’t always easy to make. We get confused and we go back and forth from one choice to another in order to determine what would best fit the matter at hand. In looking for an assisted living home, we can’t help but look for a wide range of options and look for the one … Continue reading

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