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Getting Personalized Care for Your Senior Loved One


Figuring out what kind of care your senior loved one needs can be tricky, but this is where Marie’s Eldercare Placement & Consulting, Inc. can assist you. We provide Senior Care Placement for Assisted Living in MD in order to ensure that elderly patients are receiving the care and the support they need to live life to the fullest. Here is how we can find the care that your loved one needs today:

  • Consultation

    Our main service is to find the best care possible for your senior loved ones. The first step to this process is assessment and consultation. The purpose of this is to find out the needs and the wants of your loved one so we can go and find what they need for a better and happier life.

  • Case Management

    Once we have determined the kind of care that your loved one will need, we will then begin advocating, facilitating, planning, and coordinating the care options that are available for your loved one. It is our objective to provide only the best care to your loved ones and make sure that they can live life in their own terms.

  • Placement

    If your loved one is unable to live at home, we can find them some very exceptional Assisted Living Homes in Maryland. We will place them in homes that are safe and convenient. A home that provides them with the care and the support they need at all time. In order to make the transition smoother, we provide a free tour of the facility. This is to make your loved one feel more at ease and give them the peace of mind that they are going to a place that they will like.

As we age, we will need more and more care just to get through the day, and through our services, we aim to provide elderly patients with the care they need for a better life. Just visit our website to learn more about our services and what we are able to do for your loved one.

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