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TIPS: How to Be the Best Caregiver for Your Loved Ones


When our parents or loved ones feel already weak because of their age and medical condition, we want to make sure that we can give back and provide ultimate care for them. Elderly care is a totally different care compared to what we usually do at home. Caregivers have to be mentally ready, as well as emotionally and physically prepared. Providing elderly care means lending your energy and capacity to somebody who is no longer able to do it themselves. A family member volunteering as the caregiver at home has to be equipped with enough education and experience in caregiving.

What needs to be observed?

  • Are your loved ones able to go around the house or outside by themselves?
  • Is he/she able to feed himself or take care of his/her nutritional need?
  • Can they bath themselves?
  • Does he/she have problems in controlling bowels and bladder?
  • Is assistance needed 24/7?
  • Can they make decisions on their own?
  • As a caregiver, are you available full-time for the responsibility?

Having somebody who will take responsibility for the care of our loved ones at home gives us peace of mind. As the home caregiver for a loved one, some people get nervous because of the huge responsibility at hand. Some members of the family who are tasked with the job feel inadequate and clueless when it comes to elderly care. By reading guidebooks or even surfing the internet, we can gather basic information regarding elderly care.

Caregiver tips for beginners.

  • Always begin with a conversation.
    Communication is a tool and it makes everything easier. You can start by introducing yourself as the caregiver and explain the things/procedures that you will be assisting them with.
  • Equip yourself with caregiver handbooks or applications.
    Always have these materials ready, review it if in doubt. Do not put your loved one’s condition at risk.
  • Look for support groups.
    Support groups help you emotionally and cognitively. They can share insights and tips on how you can be a better caregiver for your loved one.
  • Ask for help.
    Remember that as a family member you can always ask for help from others if you feel that you need a break. You can have somebody who can relieve you from the responsibility every now and then.
  • Research about senior facilities and nursing homes.
    As the caregiver, you need to evaluate if your loved ones have been getting all the help that they need. Share with the family your insights regarding the additional needs of your elderly loved one.

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