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What to Expect in an Assessment for Senior Care Placement


Before we can choose the right kind of safe haven for your senior loved ones, we make it a point to assess what’s needed first. An assessment helps us understand your loved ones’ needs, including that of your preferences since you are their guardian. You know your loved ones more than anyone else. An assessment gives us a glimpse of who they are and it helps us determine what we can do to improve their quality of living.

Basic Information

Your senior loved one’s basic information is essential. It’s a record we keep so we can provide the appropriate care according to your loved one’s background.

Health conditions

We are pretty much aware that most seniors carry an underlying health condition that affect their usual activities. As a person ages, abilities, and talents deteriorate. Seniors are at risk for many kinds of health conditions. This is basically the major purpose of finding the right kind of senior care – to find someone who can take care of your senior loved one, especially with a health condition that needs special attention. We can find the right people to take care of your loved one by knowing what kind of health conditions he or she has.

Interview with you and other family members

Aside from getting to know your senior loved one in this senior care placement process, we also interview you and your family. You always have the last say when it comes to seeking what’s best for your loved one. That’s why it’s important for us to know your preferences, how you will still keep in touch with him or her, and how much you value his or her life. We work with you to put your loved one in the right place.

Senior Care Placement for Assisted Living in MD has become effective and convenient with the help of Marie’s Eldercare Placement & Consulting, Inc. We look through Assisted Living Homes in Maryland and find the most suitable place for your dear loved one. For more details about how we can serve you, feel free to call us at 240-413-5572!

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