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What You Need to Know About Senior Care


As we age, so do our vital organs. That is why seniors are more prone to kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory-related cases, infections, and many more. Aging is a natural process of our body, what happens to our organs are effects of its wear and tear. If we take care of our body while we are younger, we are less likely to encounter health issues like organ failure and disability at the beginning our senior years. Yes, most organ failures are due to bad habits in the past years, the effects of these bad habits are irreversible. Added by the fact that seniors have limited movements and capacities due to their age, bad health condition needs immediate healthcare attention.

  • How to help our seniors at home

    Seniors at home need assistance, may it be in ambulation, hygiene, or nutrition. They are no longer capable of making sound judgment in the matters of safety. They might think that they can still do it, but physically they are no longer capable. In ambulation like going to the bathroom, we can assist them at home by providing commode. We can also install handrails and grab bars at home to provide support when they’re walking.

    In bathing, we can put rubberized mats on the floor to avoid slips and accidents. We can also accompany them for assistance. When it comes to nutrition, we need to research about special recipes for our elderlies at home. They need to avoid too much salt and sugar in their food. That means they should minimize or avoid, if possible, instant foods or fast foods. These type of foods are packed with preservatives which provides more harm than good to our elderly’s nutrition. Fresh fruits and vegetable are best for them. This should be included in every meal.

  • Heath education about senior care.

    Decisions about senior care have to be agreed by the whole family. As much as possible we want to keep their autonomy and independence but we also need to take in consideration their welfare and security. Hand in hand the family has to agree on a care plan that will benefit everyone at home. If you feel that the support is inadequate at home, the family can also agree on alternative options. Putting your elderly loved one’s needs as a priority may lead to the decision of seeking help from professionals.

  • What we can do for you.

    Marie’s Eldercare Placement & Consulting, Inc. is an agency who will enlighten you on your elderly care options and case management services for seniors. We have been providing Senior Care Placement for Assisted Living in MD for 20 years already. We understand the need to guarantee safety and effectiveness of care. We assess and evaluate together with the family members to get the perfect match for your elderly loved ones need.

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