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“Why Assisted Living Homes?” and Other Frequently Asked Questions


Enrolling a loved one to an assisted living home means separation and not seeing each other often. With these many challenges that risk the bond you have with your elderly family member, is getting this arrangement worth the risk? It is normal to ask questions. As a provider of Case Management Services for Seniors for quite some time already, we can understand your sentiments.

To make you realize the beauty of our services better, here are relevant FAQs:

Why assisted living homes?

At any family discussion, this is probably the most brought up question. So, anyway, why? After all, there are options like home care and regularly visiting doctors. What is it that makes assisted living homes a cut above the rest? The answer is simple-consistency. Unlike the other previously mentioned senior care means, this option sees to it that an elderly person is closely monitored 24/7 so long as they are on the premises of the establishment.

When should I place my senior parents in this place?

The answer to this question varies from one case to another. However, the need for a senior to be in an assisted living home arises when the patient can no longer care for himself. As for family members, there should be a necessary transfer when they no longer have the time and energy to monitor their fragile loved one.

Remember, getting this service is not giving up. It is merely relying on a better and more capable institution of delivering the care your loved ones need.

What happens in an assisted living home?

A person shall be treated highly during the entire period he/she is in the institution. Various programs are offered to them so that holistic nurturing can occur. Also, the entire experience shall be them rediscovering their character and worth.

How sure am I that my loved one is safe?

Before choosing, you better investigate. If you find that one institution has discouraging security tools and systems, go for look for another one. Be rigid and meticulous. If you can, visit the area beforehand.

Can I visit my loved one?

There is never a ban on visiting your relative. It is every family’s right to know how the patients are doing and how much progress they are attaining.

Is there a highly recommended Senior Care Placement for Assisted Living in MD?

If you are from the state of Maryland, one of the highly respected names when it comes to this industry is Marie’s Eldercare Placement & Consulting, Inc. Founded to bring comfort to tired souls and bodies of elderly patients, our passion and drive transcend client-provider relationship. Once you enroll an old-timer with us, we make sure that they are treated like family, and nothing less. We believe that the best way to help them feel better and closer to recovery is by treating them as our own.

For your questions regarding our programs and services, please call 240-413-5572. We are very excited to hear from you soon!

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